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Omnimed Painted Steel Isolation Station. 1 Each.

Omnimed Painted Steel Isolation Station.
Price: $175.00
Item Number: 307010
Manufacturer: Omnimed
Manufacturer Part No: 307010
Omnimed Painted Steel Isolation Station. 1 Each.
Part Number 307010.

Omnimed steel isolation stations are constructed of welded steel and are finished with a durable and attractive powder coat titanium paint. Our stations are designed to provide convenient, easy access to Person Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies where space is limited. They are ideal for use in any area where infection control protocols are in use. These stations are simple to load and can be mounted on a variety of surfaces. Checkout our Door Hanger Bracket #307001 for a door hanging option.


• Welded steel strength and durability
• Easy to clean, load and mount
• Space saving storage for PPE
• Convenient access helps insure infection protocols are adhered to
• Measure 20 3⁄4"H by 18"W by 4 1⁄4"D